Activities of department

The main activity directions of I pediatric faculty:

The dean is at the head of whole avtivity for the faculty. He is responsible for the work with it, and, he has the duties of:
Organization for academic process at the department, control over quality for teaching, discipline at the departments and the work with the monitors;
Control over progress and discipline of the students;
Promotion in taking spiritual educational works together with the centre “Manaviat and Matifat”;
Promation to the department together with the vice – rector in the science taking scientific directors of the departments in training scientific pedagogical personnel and so on.

Organizational and other functions of I Pediatric faculty

Direct supervision of teaching, academic methodical, scientific, research and spiritual educational works;
Control and maintenance of all resolutions for scientific Council, academic Methodical and Faculty Council at the Faculty;
Carrying out the control over teaching educational process, qualified work and practice of students;
Control over work out time table of the teaching lessons and check it’s performing;
Current control over progress of the students;
Carrying out control over selfstudy work of the students, and, also, score record evaluation of their knowledge;
Give permission to the students for the State Evaluation and defence qualified works and residents’ dissertations;
Revealing gifted students and work with them, maintenance of students participation in competitions of the state and named stipends: The President RUz, by Beruny, M.Ulugbek and others;
To maintain participation of students in Olympiads by the disciplines;
Training of senior scientific employees – competitors, according to their works on increase qualification of professorial teaching staff;
Carrying out general control on getting ready the textbooks, academic and teaching – methodical appliances in disciplines the departments, entering in the content of the Faculty, including, together with foreign scietists;
Organization of educational services and their use, finding out budget means and use them in teaching purposes.
Taking spiritual – educational work at the Faculty, and, in student’s hostel;
Introduction of students graduates faculty monitoring, and making links with them.

Tasks of I pediatric faculty

Organization of academic process at the Faculty and its support.
Promotion information services for the students in all questions of teaching and introduction of explanation works.
Caring out the projects of the orders in Faculty and typing instructions.
Carrying out necessary documentation and inrormation according to the above standing organizations.
Introduction information, concerning the activity of the students, it’s collection, keeping registration of necessary papers.
Taking monitoring of students’ contingent.
Registration of students’ record books and giving them to students.
Filling in score record books, control over the registration of progress results for the students and their keeping.
Filling in score record lists control over their writing by the established rules and their keeping.
Generalization of the term results, carrying out the reports and giving them to the teaching methodical department of the instilule by the determined rules.
Determination of the scholarships by the results of the term and decision of commission, carrying out the projects of order on transfer the students from the course to course.
By the determined order to return the student’s record books, score record books, academic and personal lists of students – graduates to the students’ department.
Maintenance of carrying out the orders, dealing to the students graduates.

The deanery rights.

To give offers and recommendations on improvement of academic, teaching methodical, scientific, research, spiritual – educational and organizational works.
To complain on the dean of the Faculty on his orders and instructions, limiting the rights of deanery employees, to the leadership of the institute.