History of department

In 1972-1976, a single dean's office functioned in TashPMI and Professor F.Kh. Nazarmukhamedov worked as dean, and in 1976-1977 professor A.T. Akilov. Since 1977 the faculty has been divided into I and II pediatric faculties. In the post of Dean of the Pediatric Faculty in 1977-1979, Professor NA Zakirov worked, in 1979-1983 Associate Professor AAAbduazimov, in 1983-1989 Professor U.Z. Kadyrov, in 1989-1996 V. Z. Mazgutov, in 1997-1998, Professor SA Rakhimov, in 1998-1999 Professor H. N. Fayziev, in 1999-2001, Professor Kh.K. Shadiev. In 2007, Professor TS Agzamkhodzhaev was appointed dean of the Pediatric Faculty.