The assistant to the dean of 6-7 courses of mediko-pedagogical and medical faculty TashPmI

Rahmatullaev Adham Abadbekovich

Was born in 1974 in the Kazakh Republic. He has higher education. Has ended in TashPMI in 1997. Since 1999 works as the assistant to chair of Hospital surgery. The author of 5 scientific articles.
Bodies: +998(71) 260-39-55

The is assistant to the dean of 4-5 courses of mediko-pedagogical

Juldashev Aziz Abidovich

Was born in 1981 in the city of Tashkent. He has higher education. In 2006 has ended medical faculty Tashkent Medical Academy. Since 2009 works as the assistant to chair of Obstetrics and gynecology, children's gynecology of TashPMI. The author of 4 articles.
Bodies: +998(71) 260-39-55

He is a vice-dean of 1-3 courses for medical pedagogical and therapeutic department at TashPMI

Karshiev Dilshod Abdurahmanovich

Was born in 1964 in Djizak region. He has higher education. In 1986 he graduated from physics faculty in SamSU. He is the author of more than 20 scientific articles. From 2012 he is the head of medical biological physics, information and information technologies.
phone: +998 (71) 260-39-55

He is a dean of medical pedagogical and therapeutic faculty

Gulyamov Surat Saidvalievich

Was born in 1977 in Tashkent city. He has higher education. He was a professor of othorhynolaryngology and children`s stomatology. In 2004 he defended candidate dissertation, and, in 2010 doctor’s dissertation. He is author of more than 40 scientific articles, 5 methodical appliances. At present time he is the author of two scientific works.
Phone:+998 (71) 260-39-55