Spiritual and moral work

Spiritual - educational work aimed at implementing effective forms and methods of spiritual and moral education, and education.
At the department has adopted a thematic plan, library and area of spiritual and educational work. The work is conducted according to the plan in all groups. In addition to the curatorial department is working for this every year, the annual curatorial developed a plan by which a group holds regular talks and discuss the works of Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, materials, spiritual-educational nature. Attached to the department three curatorial groups of the 1st of Pediatrics. Supervisors of these groups is an assistant professor of F. and S. Karimov Khaibullina ZR At the curatorial team of teachers involved in the festivities, "Independence Day," "Student Day", "Day's mentor and teacher," "Constitution Day", "Nowruz "March 8, and others. In curatorial groups regularly held discussions aimed at developing students' high spiritual and moral qualities, to develop a sense of patriotism, trust and respect for each other. Students prepare reports on the following topics: "Oila huquq manbalari", "Constitution", "Terrorism", "On the dangers of smoking, drug addiction", "On the goodness and mercy ", "Role of the doctor", etc.
Together with the curator of a museum visit, "Courage", "art", "Medicine", "Amir Temur", "athletic prowess", etc. Also, go to the theater, "National Drama Theatre," "Abror Khidoyatova", "Ilkhom" and etc.
"Camelot" with the dean's office regularly provide financial assistance to needy students. Curators acquainted with the living conditions of students in hostels and private apartments. As far as possible they are given all possible assistance.

Clock information
At the department there is a folder that contains the presidential decrees, decisions of the Ministry of Higher Education, news, politics, etc. These materials are being actively discussed at faculty meetings, lectures, practical classes.
The facilitators are: Associate Karimova Sh.F. (212  -1 ped.gruppa)
                                     Associate Ismailova G.O. (210 -1 ped.gruppa)
                                     Associate Akbarhodjaeva H.N. (211 -1 ped.gruppa)

                                     Associate Ziyamutdinova Z.K. (213 - 1 пед. группа)

                                    Associate Nishantaev М.К. (103-1 ped.gruppa)

Members of the Women's Council TashPMI: Assoc. Ziyamutdinova Z.K., Assoc. Akbarhodjaeva H.N. 

Responsiblefor the piritual - educational work: Assoc. Akbarhodjaeva H.N.