About department

Employees of the Department. The number of regular units -11.  Of them professors of prepodovatelskogo - 14.

Work at the department: Academics-1, Professor-2, Docents -8, Ph.D.-3, PhD-10, Without a degree-1

In the teaching and support staff the department head of one. Methods Office and one laboratory technician. Professor in the Department are members of the Academic Council TashPMI. Professional development of teachers is carried out in accordance with the plan of the dean's office to improve the skills of teachers.

1. Saatov T.S., Doctor of biology Sciences, Academician

2. Yuldashev N.M., Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, Head. Department

3. Khaibullina Z.R., Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor

4. Karimova S. F., Ph.D., Associate Professor, responsible for educational work discipline "Biological Chemistry"

5. Ziyamutdinova Z.K., Ph.D, Associate Professor

6. Akbarhodzhaeva H.N., Ph.D, Associate Professor

7. Nishantaev M.K., Ph.D, Associate Professor

8. Ismailova G.O., Ph.D., Associate Professor

9. Alimhodzhaeva N.T., Ph.D., associate professor, responsible for training work on the subject "Inorganic and Organic Chemistry"

10. Ayhodzhaev B.K., Ph.D., Associate Professor

11. Arifzhanov S.Z., Ph.D., Associate Professor

12. Ikramova Z.O., Ph.D., Assistant

13. Sulaimanova G. G., Ph.D., Assistant

14. Azimov A.M., Assistant.

Contingent to train students.

1 - Course: pediatrics, healing, мedical-рedagogical faculties and the Faculty of Higher Nursing.

2 - Course: pediatrics, healing, мedical-рedagogical faculties.

Subjects taught at the Department of: 

1. Inorganic chemistry (1st year, 1nd semester)

2. Organic Chemistry (1st year, 2nd semester)

3. Biological Chemistry (2nd year, 3-4 semesters; 1st year, 2nd semester).

Biological Chemistry (pediatrics, healing, мedical-рedagogical faculties).

I. The number of hours -228 hours.

Lectures - 32 h.

Practical- 110 hours.

Independent work - 66 h.

Laboratory work - 20 h.

Intermediate control - 2 (oral). 

Final control- 2 (oral)

Biological Chemistry (Faculty of Higher Nursing).

I. The number of hours - 132 hours.

Lectures: - 18 h. 

Practical: 44 h.

Laboratory work - 10 h

Independent work - 28 h. 

Final control- 1(oral)