Educational and educational and methodical work

On chair there are 4 educational rooms equipped with modern information banners, the TV and educational furniture. During a lecture and practical training slides, multimedia programs are used. (sienc work 2)

On chair there is a circle "Young Chemist" where students are engaged scientifically – in research work and collection of information and literatures and according to the Internet. (Sienc work 3)

After adoption of the national program on training when carrying out a practical training new pedagogical technologies, such as "Brain storm", "Round on gallery", "Who quicker more", "Debate" are used.  So far a number of applied interactive methods of training increases charts and graphic organizers:  "chart Vienna", "Fish skeleton", "Cluster", etc. which are regularly updated. Staff of chair published a set of manuals, textbooks. Now 2 textbooks, more than 32 methodical and uchebno - methodical grants are published. 2013 issued 12 educational and methodological AIDS

Staff of chair published a set of articles and theses in local and foreign publications.

(book 4,5,6)

 From 2014/2015 academik years the name of a course it is chanjed to "Medical chemistry".  2014 the staff of chair published texstbooks:"Bioorganik kimyo" and "Bioorganicheskaya ximiya"