About the course

The course of human anatomy is on the ground floor of the main educational and administrative building TashPMI . There are 8 themed classrooms , 2 offices for teachers , museum of history of the department name of the founder of prof. H.Z.Zahidova also operates a training laboratory, which has exhibits anatomical and morphological preparations . At the department has students 1-2 courses on human anatomy . Systematically studying human anatomy . During the 2 1 st semester course taught osteology , syndesmology , epidemiology , splanhnologiyu and angiology . 2 th year students study only the central and peripheral nervous system and sense organs . Within three semesters students' progress is monitored in every practice session of the current assessment , in one intermediate and final control in each semester . The course is taught by 3 associate professors, 1 PhD, 1 senior lecturers and 4 assistants .