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Our department providing scientific works within the national development program "Science-2020" developed by the Ministry of Higher and Specialized Secondary Education jointly with Elsevier (the Netherlands). The main aim of this program is to improve the quality of research activities of the teaching staff of our department, as well as further expansion of the possibilities of registration in the databases of world educational resources, electronic catalogs of modern scientific literature. Within the framework of the national development program, it is planned to assist in the preparation of articles by young scientists and doctoral students, as well as support in the publication of their scientific papers in high-ranking journals.



In order to implement the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of June 5, 2018, PD-3775 "On additional measures to improve the quality of education in higher education institutions and ensure their active participation in large-scale reforms of the country", department staff participates in the seminars and trainings were held by the Information and Resource Center and the Department on the preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel for registration in the international scientific databases of Scopus and Science Direct for professors, teachers, applicants for basic doctoral studies (PhD) and doctoral studies (DSc), and also independent candidates. All professors and teachers, as well as doctoral students were registered.


Downloaded information on the specialty


The entire staff of the department, applicants for basic doctoral and doctoral studies, as well as independent applicants were registered in the international scientific databases of Scopus and Science Direct and downloaded literature information, articles and information on their specialty. Based on the data received, a database of the information and resource center is being formed in the department. Currently, the more than 300 resources were downloaded. The downloaded data are used to cover the literary part of master's theses, for dissertations of applicants for basic doctoral and doctoral studies, as well as independent applicants, for writing new publications.


The theme of the research work of the Department: "Development of objective criteria for the diagnosis of critical conditions and standardization of emergency in these States".

At the Department research work is conducted under the guidance of Professor Sharipov A. M., Umarova Z. S.

Annually employees of the chair published in magazines in the country and abroad up to 12 articles. Staff actively participate in organization and conduction of congresses, conferences, seminars. Maintain contacts with the leading clinics of the country and abroad. Actively participate in local and international conferences and symposiums presenting our Institute.

3 patents were received.

During its existence the Department prepared and defended 2 doctoral theses, 3 PhD. Degrees is 60 %, mean age 47 years, teachers were trained in leading clinics of Russia, Korea, Italy.

Planned dissertation:

Khakimov P. D. – thesis: "Prognostic criteria of development of concomitant pathology of the respiratory and digestive systems in children."

Safarov Z. F. – thesis: "Forecasting outcomes of critical States in children by integral evaluation of the severity ".

Mamatov B. B. – theme of thesis: "Evaluation and revision of approach to intensive therapy of critical complications of nephrotic syndrome in children."

Khamzayev K. A. - thesis: "Optimization of emergency medical care of children and evaluation of its modern approaches."


Members of the Department are members of the Association of pediatricians and General practitioners, are actively involved in the annual scientific-practical conferences.

Professor Sharipov A. M. is a member of the European society of intensive care medicine, the International society of Nephrology. Professor Umarov Z. S. is member of the Federation of pediatricians of the CIS.

The Department collaborates with Hospital, Ilsan Paik inje University, Republic of Korea. In the framework of cooperation 2 masters trained at this hospital. Ongoing joint project to improve the provision of emergency medical care.

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