Department history

The department Emergency medical aid (earlier called by department of urgent pediatrics) has been based 1993 under the recommendation of Ministry of Health of Republic Uzbekistan by the decision of the Academic council of the Tashkent pediatric medical institute.

Professor Umarova З.С supervised over department with 1993г on 2003г.


Since 2003 professor Umarova Z.S. is the professor the adviser of department. On department worked the assistant, PhDas Popova Н.В (1994 1999)., PhDЮзуп И.Б (1994-1999)., the senior lecturer PhDKabulova R. A (1993-2003)., assistant Abduvahabov А.А (1994-1996)., assistant Tsareva Н.Д (1994-2003)., assistant Anvarova I.I. (1994-1997)., clinical intern Zufarov A.K. (1995-1997)., clinical intern Bedilova N.S. (1995-1997)., the assistant PhDUsmanova N.N. (1996-1999)., the senior lecturer PhDTagirova R. H (1998-2004)., clinical intern Omanov М (1997-1999)., clinical intern Omanova К (1997-1999)., clinical intern Ibragimova And (1997-1999)., the clinical intern Speckled Т (1997-1999)., clinical intern Azimov S.A. (1998-2000)., clinical intern Sohibzhanov D.S. (1998-2000)., assistant Atazhanov S.A. (2003-2005).


Since 2003 on the present professor Sharipov A.M. manages department.