Spiritual and moral work
Educational work at the department is carried out in the following forms: Conducting informational and educational hours with students; Conducting the department of educational activities in the dormitory; Visiting hostels by the department staff; Participation in sports events of the Institute; Participation in events dedicated to public events of the state. Teachers of the department are the curators of academic groups for 2-3 courses: Associate Professor Zakirova N.B. - curator of the group - 203-2nd pediatrics; Associate Professor Dustmatov A.T. - curator of the group - 202 - 2nd pediatrics; Assistant Muratov O.U. - group curator - 201 - 2nd pediatrics; Assistant Musurmankulov J.M. - curator 306 - groups 1sth - pediatrics; Assistant Kurbanov A.T. - curator of the group 314 -1sth pediatrics; Assistant Karataeva L.A. - curator 309 - 1sth pediatrics. Senior curator of the department Karataeva L.A.