Scientific work

Сientific directions of the department:
1. "Forensic toxicology"
2. "Forensic Traumatology"
3. "Forensic dermatoglyphics"

Protected theses for the last 3 years:
1. Кhwan Oleg Innokentievich
Subject: Forensic medical evaluation of injuries of the abdominal cavity organs and the Zazryryushin space
Defense of the thesis was held on February 2, 2017 at a meeting of the Scientific Council on July 16, 2013, Tib. 17.03 at the Tashkent Medical Academy
2. Ruziev Sherzod Ibodullaevich
Subject: Expert evaluation of dermatoglyphics in diabetes mellitus
The defense of the thesis took place on February 9, 2017 at the meeting of the Scientific Council on July 16, 2013, Teb.17.03 at the Tashkent Medical Academy
On scientific research work there is a grant of ADCC30.7. Theme: "The Uzbek population of Shaslari dermatoglifikasini court tibium majmuini ishish chishish". Leader: Iskandarov AI, participants: Kuziev OZ, Toshboev SM, Bendik N.Yu., Ruziev Sh.I.
In 2017 there were the following publications:
In journals approved in the WAC - 7;
In journals not approved in the WAC - 4;
On November 15-16, 2017, the Department of Forensic Medicine and Medical Law participated in the scientific-practical conference "Ways of improving forensic examination. Foreign experience "with international participation, which was held in the city of Tashkent.

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At the Department of graduate students on specialization "Forensic medical expert"

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For the last 3 years were 10 graduate alumni
All graduates of the graduate departments of forensic medicine and medical law employed.
Currently there are 2 master's degree 2 years master's 3 and 1 year of study.
2 year masters have already written their masters theses and preparing for their protection.
Masters 1 course adopted their topics and are actively engaged in scientific work.
There are 3 scientific works at the department:
Najimitdinov S.B. - doctoral student of basic doctoral studies (PhD) 2 years of study:
Theme of the thesis: "Forensic medical evaluation of poisoning with ethyl alcohol and its surrogates"
In September 2017, the following doctor's degrees were enrolled:
Salikhov S.S. - Applicant of the department of 1 year of basic doctoral studies (PhD)
Theme of the thesis: "Expert evaluation of the mechanism of craniocerebral injury with associated injuries"
Shamsiev A.Ya. - doctoral candidate of the department for 1 year of basic doctoral studies (PhD)
Theme of the thesis: "Expert evaluation of dermatoglyphic markers in identification of personality and propensity to suicide and drug addiction"
Database of recommended subjects of master disseration for 2014/2015 academic year of chair of Forensic medicine and the medical right
1 . Forensic medical examination of sharp poisonings with substitutes of ethyl alcohol
2 . Expert assessment of poisonings with medicines (clonidine)
3 . Patomorfoz of poisonings with ethyl alcohol
4 . Possibilities of iridology in medicolegal and clinical practice
5 . Medicolegal assessment of predisposition to a suicide
6 . Medicolegal assessment of predisposition to drug addiction
7 . Features of determination of severity of injuries at basin damages
8 . Medicolegal assessment of defects of rendering medical care at injuries
9 . A forensic assessment of morphological changes of lungs in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
10. Determine the severity of the fractures of the tubular bones in children
11. A forensic assessment of the damage to the eye
12. The forensic evaluation of poisoning diet drugs with alcohol
13. A forensic assessment of severe craniocerebral trauma in children
14. Tazesi determining when non-fatal acute poisoning by carbon monoxide
The 18-21 July 2015 members of the department took part in the international scientific conference "CIS-KOREA" in Moscow.

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