Spiritual and moral work

On chair work in educational and spiritually-educational direction is adjusted. Within the limits of the given direction weekly on chair passes hour of news with participation of all employees of chair, masters, interns, students which are on cyclic employment on which news of our country and the world are discussed. Regularly, according to the confirmed plan, pass faculty meetings on spiritually-educational work on which important themes, such as terrorism and religious extremism, culture of behaviour, wrong education and its consequences are discussed. Sessions pass in a kind of lectures, reports, discussions. At the given sessions the reports prepared by students, masters, interns, assistants also will become engrossed in reading. Also on each cyclic employment conferences among students on such vital topics, as a narcotism, glue sniffing, a tobacco smoking, consequences of wrong education are spent. The training themes «the Narcotism, glue sniffing», "Alcoholism", all teachers regularly give explanatory talks with students, masters and interns about harm of abusing psychoactive substances, about value of correct education for formation healthy persons, about value of ethics and influence of stressful factors on mental health of people. For students TashPMI employees of chair together with department on spiritually - educational work of institute organise conferences on themes "Narcotism", "Tobacco smoking", «a HIV an infection», "Alcoholism" which are spent in lecture halls.