History of course

The course of Neurosurgery and Pediatric Neurosurgery organized by order of the Ministry of Health in 1972. Start teaching the students Neurosurgery in Central Asian Pediatric Medical Institute in the new methodological level is closely linked with the name of the scientist - a neurosurgeon, professor of neurosurgery with great experience, professor Abdulhay Sadikovich Mirsadykov (according to the order of the rector of the Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute № 167 from 07.05.1982). Professor Abdulhay Sadikovich have been head of course till 2005. At various times in the course taught neurosurgery: V.A.Karev, R. Zakirov, R.T.Kadirbekov, Sh.I.Islamov, S.Y.Navruzov, M.N.Buriev, S.Hodiev, A.N.Nomozov etc. In the academic year 1992 to 93 at the base rate of pediatric traumatology and orthopedics was organized by the Department, and the course of Neurosurgery, Department of Neurology, was transferred to the newly organized Department of pediatric trauma, orthopedics to neurosurgery. Head of the new department was appointed Professor P.S.Jalilov. From 2005 to 2012, the rate of Neurosurgery headed doctor of science D.A.Mirsadykov. From August 2012 to present time the Department of Neurosurgery, headed by chief the Republican Scientific center of Neurosurgery Professor Kariev Gayrat Maratovich.