Educational and educational and methodical work

The purposes of the course are to teach students to diagnose the most common diseases in the practice of neurosurgery in the classical manifestation, to be able to provide primary medical care, know the treatment policy and rehabilitation assistance in these diseases. The main objective of the course is to: educate survey methodology neurosurgical patients, to identify the main symptoms of the various neurosurgical diseases, identify the indications for referral to an orthopedic Master, to provide primary care for neurotrauma The main activities of the course are:

1. Teaching students the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system

2. Students training features of the development of the central nervous system in children

3. Basic neurosurgical disease in children congenital and acquired nature

4. Particulars of the medical history of patients with neurosurgical;

5. To own methodology clinical neurological examination neurosurgical patients;

6. To own a pair of basic methodology of clinical methods study of children with neurosurgical diseases

7. Diagnostic aspects of injuries of the nervous system and some neurosurgical diseases.

8. Able to read, interpret clinical neurological, radiographic, sonographic, electrophysiological EhoEG, EEG, CT, MRI, etc. and laboratory research;

9. Teach expose preliminary diagnosis in the pathology of the nervous system;

10. To be able to provide primary care for neurotrauma;

11. Organize a competent transportation of patients with traumatic injuries of the nervous system;

12. Be able to identify neurosurgical patients and determine the tactics of patients at stages of treatment;

13. Able to carry out some manipulation to the dressing.

14. To be able to apply the soft bandages on his head and neck;

15. Be able to impose retaining bandage if damaged nerves; Management and organization of the course: • Management Department chair is appointed by order of the rector of the university. • Employees of the course taken on the recommendation of the Rector of the head of the department.