Head of the Department

Shavkat Ergashevich AMONOV

professor, a member of scientific comittee of TashPMI, member of editorial board of "Russian Otolaryngology" and "Estern Europe" Journals. Also, he is a head ENT consultant of the Medical and Sanitary Department of Ministry of Health at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan.

Hasanov Saidakrom Asqarovich

A member of scientific – methodic council at Tashkent Medical Academy, a member of doctor’s attestation commission in the Republic. Also, he is a member of Editorial Board of several journals.

Xurram Esonkulovich KARABAEV

responsible for the otolaryngology residents, a member of methodic comission and Scintific Council of the First Pediatric Faculty of TashPMI. Also he is a chief out-of-staff pediatric otorhinolaryngologist of the Ministry of Health.
Associate professor

Dodar Raximovna DJABBAROVA

responsible for educational activities in the department.
Associate professor

Gulimbay Kutlibaevich BABAKHANOV

otolaryngologist of the highest category, the person responsible for clinical residents (ordinators) in the department, the coordinator of information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to this pages of the website.



Husan Usmanovich UMAROV

responsible for the administrative work at the department.

Nigora Abdumalikovna RASULOVA

PhD, responsible for scientific activities.
Senior researcher

Ulugbek Bashrullaevich MUHITDINOV

PhD, mentoring coordinator for rural health units, researcher.


Abdukayumov Abdumannop Abdumajidovich

DMedSc., Lecturer.

Resposible for the international cooperations.

Assistant MD, PhD

Jamol Djuraboevich ERGASHEV

Senior curator of the Dpt. Respobsible for the web page of the Dpt. Curriculum Vitae.


Yakubov Mitsultan Mirvarisovich

responsible for manaviyat - ma'rifat and for issues related with trade union.

Shavkatov Tulqin Shavkatovich

Responsible for OSCE testing

Head office

Mansurova Sevara

Responsible for the materials and paper based documents in the process of education