To clinical ordinators

Dear clinical residents!

Responsible for the clinical residents A/Professor Gulimbay Kutlibaevich BABAHANOV.


babakhanov gk (Копировать)


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The process of learning in the clinical residency of our department includes attending lectures and workshops of leading teachers in more than 10 major clinical bases in Tashkent city.
Clinical bases of the department are equipped with the modern equipment. The center regularly realizes certification and clinical trials of new ENT products. Medical residents have a unique opportunity to learn and work on various advanced ENT equipment.
Upon completion of residency issued a certificate and Certificate of the established form the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan.
To explore the learning conditions, clinical base and teachers of the department you can visit to the department with prior agreement by the above stated telephone numbers.
Other questions can be discussed at the above phone or on the Web site of TashPMI.

Guide for Clinical Residents