To residents

Dear master students!

 You have independently chosen your individual vocational and educational route - training in a master's program in otorhinolaryngology. We are sure that this was a conscious and responsible step for you!

The state educational standard for master's training in specialty 5A720103 - "Diseases of the ear, throat and nose" says that after mastering the educational program, you must be widely erudite, have a fundamental medical and scientific base, master the methodology of scientific creativity, modern information technologies, methods receive, process and store scientific information, be ready for scientific research and scientific and pedagogical activities.

Yes, indeed, today the master's program is one of the effective ways to attract young people to scientific creativity, to study in doctoral studies, the way of forming young cadres for higher education. After the completion of training, the successful defense of the master's thesis, some of you will be offered work at the department as assistants. We see our shift in you, and therefore we are ready to share our medical and scientific and pedagogical experience, to help you master the art of research and teaching and teaching.

We are ready for cooperation and are sure that you will show perseverance, dedication, initiative and desire to receive much more than stated in the training programs. Unlike curriculum bachelor's programs, the master's educational program provides even more time for your independent work, since it should prepare you for independent activity that requires a broad education in the direction and profound professional specialization.

The curricula of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology will acquaint you with the methodology of research of problems of otorhinolaryngology, with the current state and problems of the higher vocational school, with modern educational concepts relevant during the modernization of the education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

We wish you creativity and success on your way to the heights of otorhinolaryngology!


Teachers of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology TashPMI