Scientific work

On chair of pathological physiology scientific researches are spent (lead) under the confirmed (approved) plan. Scientific researches on chair are spent (lead) on a theme «Studying hydrolytically and suckle functions GIT at various allergic reactions».at performance of this scientific work participate the chair faculty. On to chair work 1 professor.3 the senior lecturer c.m.s, 1 assistant c.m.s, 2 assistant without scientific degree. The scientific potential of chair makes 56 %. All employees of chair beginning (starting) from the professor inclusive all senior lecturers and assistants in a current of academic year publish articles, theses, scholar-methodical grants. In 2017 are published:

1. prof. YO.U Zokirov in the co-authorship 1 theses,1 articles
2. ass. prof. L.A.Alimova in the co-authorship of 1 articles.
3. ass. prof. S.A.Begmanov in the co-authorship of 1 articles, .
4. асс.c.m.s. K.H.Ahmedov in the co-authorship 1 articles
5. асс. N.A.Abidova in the co-authorship 1 article

6.ass.G.A.Hakimova co authorship 1 articles

Besides students participate in performance of scientific work on chair in the area of SSS. This year 45 - scientifically-practical conference of institute 10 students  theses will participate.

In January 2018, an article was published,the authors Ph. D. Akbarova S. N., associate Professor of Begmanov S. A. and assistant abidova N.. in the International SCIENTIFIC-Practical journal "Theory and practice of modern science", External changes of morphea.

mechanisms of allergic diseases development

some aspects of the development of infectious-allergic and toxic hepatitis and cirrhosis