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3 rd year students learn pathologic physiology in 5-6 semestrs. In 5th semester the lectures are given by 2 hours within 9 weeks. Practical instruction classes are held during 17 weeks, with 36 classes, each 2 hours. Overall hours of practical classes amount to 72 hours. In 6th semester the lectures are delivered every other week, i.e. 9 hours allotted for this. The practical classess are held every week, each 2 hours, 36 hours in total. Within each semester an intermediate assessment of knowledge in form of oral quiz is held. General pathology in groups of bachelor degree nurses is taught in 6th semester. The lectures are provided every other week, i.e. 9 lectures – 18 hours.


calendar thematic plan

calendar htematic plan

Heredity phathophisiology

pulmonary embolism

calendar thematik plan for 2 nd year students