Educational and educational and methodical work

Chair pat physiology as the science about a life and activity of a sick organism, takes a leading place in educational and scholar-methodical process at medical institutes. Path physiology the student receives the information on a science from lectures, a practical training, textbooks and the special literature. The knowledge got at lectures, practical training or at multimedia information as the training method, takes the important place in system to a professional training in a higher educational institution. Along with traditional methods of teaching on chair Path physiology new interactive methods of teaching are used also. We last years have introduced a number of interactive methods of training. For each employment (occupation) scenarios of carrying out 1 have been written - 2 h interactive methods for works in small groups’ situational problems, test tasks are developed. Wide use of modern computer technologies in educational process, along with questions of active application of multimedia systems. To become actual. The computerization of educational process and multimedia technologies in training of students of medical high schools, allows using more actively scientific and educational potential and promoting effective mastering of a teaching material. In this connection on chair pathological physiology TashPMI are developed and multimedia programs on 72 themes are widely used in educational process and also on chair subject business games are used also. Which assume active, active participation of all students of group in educational process. Now (2018-2019 а.c.y) at us students2- 3 courses (rates) at three faculties: pediatric, medico-pedagogical, medical faculties - 37 groups and students of 1 course (rate) OMH in  5 groups are engaged. For them on chair 4 educational audiences are allocated - which are thematically equipped:

Audience №1- Patophysiology of blood №1

в„–1 qon patofiziologiyasi


Audience №2- Patophysiology neuro-endocrine systems №2 


в„–2 neyro endokrin pf


Audience №3 - Patophysiology a liver and a kidney №3 


в„–3 Jigar buyrak patofiziologiyasi



Audience № 4 - Patophysiology pre-natal development №4


в„–4 Homila ichi rivojlanishi pf