Department history

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Head of the Department of Faculty Pediatric Surgery MD, Prof. Mahmud Aliyev

Department of faculty pediatric surgery Department of pediatric surgery was first organized K.H.Tagirov professors at the Tashkent State Medical Institute in 1947. The need to open the department arose due to the lack of specialists in the country - pediatric surgeons. Department of Pediatric Surgery has been organized for the first time not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia, and was the fifth in a row in the Soviet Union. In the organization of the department played a major role S.D.Ternovsky professor, who is considered the founder of the pediatric surgical schools in the USSR. At the beginning of the state department and the department was 8: Head. Associate Professor Department of K.H.Tagirov, assistants M.A.Romanova, A.I.Sharipova, S.F.Mushenkova, K.G.Kayumov, two residents and one medical residents. The publication of a textbook of pediatric surgery S.D.Ternovskogo greatly facilitated the work of the department, whose staff is constantly accumulating experience, and the clinic began to get popularity among the population, not only in Uzbekistan but also in other republics and regions where children with surgical diseases were brought in our practice of pediatric surgery from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Orenburg, Novosibirsk regions of the RSFSR. Thus, the number of sick children, "needy" in the surgical Wave is gradually increasing, and there is an urgent need to increase the number of beds for children with surgical diseases in Tashkent and the organization of children's surgical facilities in other areas of the country. Order of the Ministry of Health UzSSR number 323 of February 24, 1959 Privnov open mountains. Hospital № 14 on Pushkin was organized by children's surgical ward with 150 beds, which relocated Department of Pediatric Surgery. Since the organization of the department until 1959, the clinic has taken treatment for children only peaceful surgery, and after expansion and increasing the number of hospital beds, the entire surgical care, including emergency surgery were concentrated in one hospital pediatric surgery. Before 1959, children are denied urgent surgery in various hospitals for adults in 1964, the Department received a new base for the 14th City Children's Hospital on the street Lunacharsky highway 180 beds, which were opened three surgical departments: 1) Department of Surgery Planning, 2) Department of emergency surgery with traumatology and 3) urology department. With the expansion of bed capacity hospital, and improved training - pedological work chair. An opportunity to demonstrate the patients in emergency and elective surgery of students in lectures and practical classes. Operating activities of the department has increased significantly. While in 1947 only 34 were produced operation, from 1948 to 1955 produced annually from 400 to 1,000 operations. Since 1960, after the expansion of the number of clinic operations was as high as 4000 - 5000 year. Order of the Ministry of Health at the Department UzSSR Pediatric Surgery organized methodological center for the management and organization of children's surgical care in the country. At the initiative of the Methodological Centre in regional centers of Uzbekistan organized by the Department of Pediatric Surgery with the number of beds: Bukhara - 75koek; Andijan - 75; Samarkand - 45; Termez - 45; Fergana - 25, Namangan - 25, Urgench - 35; Karshi - 160; Karakalpakia - 60 beds. Thus, 40 children's surgical beds in Tashkent, organized in 1947, by 1980 in the country has increased to 1,000 beds. In 1972, the Department of Pediatric Surgery TashGosMi was wholly transferred to the newly established Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute (Samp). At present the Department of Pediatric Surgery Sampa, given all the background, is one of the oldest in the Soviet Union. From 1947 to 1972, the Department of Children Surgery TashGosMI and from 1972 to 1979 he headed the Department of Sampo Dr. med. , Professor Karim Tagirov Hadzhaevii. Since September 1979, this department has been headed Associate Sulaimonov Aminboy Sulaymanovich, MD. Science. With enthusiasm of beds and the number of hours in pediatric surgery has increased and number of employees. By 1979, the department worked: Professors - 2 (K.H.Tagirov, E.M.Hadiev); Doutsentov - 6 (Sh.B.Turgunov; T.A.Ligay; A.S.Sulaymanov; Yu.B.Ulliev; I.I.Iskandzhanov; I.K.Tagirov) until 1969 was assistant professor now a professor, Head. Department of Pediatric Surgery TashGosMI Saidaliev AI; Assistants - 24; senior technicians - 3; medical residents - 3; graduate - 2. In 1979, the Department of Pediatric Surgery was divided into two independent departments: the Department of Pediatric Surgery № 1 and № 2 pediatric surgery. The administrative department were attached to the department of pediatrics of number 1 and number 2. At present the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Faculty of Pediatrics I work: 1) Professor K.H.Tagirov - the founder of the department, in charge of the department from 1947 to 1979, now - adviser; 2) Head of Department - Assistant Professor AS Sulaimanov, MD; 3) Associate Professors - 3 (Sh.B.Turgunov, T.A.Ligay, I.I.Iskandzhanov) 4) Assistants - 14, 6 of them have a degree PhD; 5) Senior laboratory - 3; 6) Technicians - 6; 7) medical residents - 2. At the present time, the number of beds is 280 chair seats. The department is located on three main clinics: 1) 14 - Children's Hospital - the main base in pediatric surgery (60 beds); 2) 17 - Hospital, where the rate of trauma orthopedics from childhood (80 beds); 3) City Cancer Center, where the rate of Pediatric Oncology (40koek). In the study - methodical work of the department has undergone great changes. While in 1947 only had 40 beds for surgical patients children, it is now - 280 beds. There are a large number of case patients, the department has the proper number of educational visual aids: the tables in all areas of pediatric surgery, traumatology, orthopedics and oncology, slides, filmstrips, x-rays, photographs, educational albums, methodological developments for students and guidance for teachers all subjects of the curriculum of the course of children's surgery. Besides, the department is equipped with different types of TCO. Slide projectors, overhead projector, and instruments and apparatus for educational, scientific and medical purposes: computers, dummy, microscope Along with teaching and healing work of employees of the department conduct more scientific - research work. In the analysis of patients who were in the hospital, it was noted that a large number of sick children treated for kidney stone disease, osteomyelitis, hydatid disease, gastric foreign bodies - intestinal tract, appendicitis, intussusception, burns of the esophagus, colon polyps, congenital malformations and other ailments. Accordingly, the Department has set itself the task - a comprehensive study these diseases, found in the Republic. In the department of special scientific subjects The study of regional pathology: in 1960 prof. K.H.Tagirovym issued monograph "Urolithiasis in children in Uzbekistan." In 1962, under the direct participation of the Assoc. A.S.Sulaymanova graduate Samarkand Medical Institute A.A.Abdullaevym and defended PhD thesis on "stone disease in children," based on Samarkand and Khorezm regions. Fellow Department Yu.B.Ulliev master's thesis in 1971 on the theme: "Urolithiasis" (upper urinary tract stones in children). In 1956 V.N.Ismailova defended her thesis on the topic: "The treatment of osteomyelitis in children." In this paper, the author proposes to apply along with surgically antibiotic therapy and filling bone cavities following surgery debris. The proposed method is applied at this time. Under the leadership of the department, using material clinic completed and defended his Ph.D. thesis assistant in the department of surgery Vladivostok Medical Institute N.S.Mazchenko on "Foreign Bodies gastro - intestinal tract in children." This is the result of the Department of fraternal aid workers in other republics. In 1964 E.F.Korrel master's thesis on the topic: "colon polyps in children." Intern - Researcher at the Department of I.K.Tagirov Department of Pediatric Surgery 2 - First Moscow Medical. Institute performed the work on the "Burns of the esophagus in children," and in 1966 he defended his thesis topic. Graduate student Andijan Medical Institute I.I.Iskandzhanov seconded to the department, in 1971 he defended his thesis on "Acute intussusception in children." Assistant, Department of pediatric surgery TashSMI Sulaimanov AS also working on regional pathology "of hydatid disease in children in Uzbekistan." His work was finished his PhD in 1970. Over the past period defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences also assistants: 1) EN Hegai (1975), 2) Mirzakarimov BM (1976), 3) Agzamhadzhaev ts (1979) 4) Aliyev, MM (1979), 5) Utegenov NU (1980). Over the past period produced three monographs and more than 300 scientific articles. In addition to teaching, research and clinical care teachers are constantly working to improve their teaching skills. They are all on the schedule of administration every five years undergoing FPK in central universities in Moscow and Leningrad. By classes to discuss their experiences, active in the SSS, are involved in community work in the department and the institute-wide, participate in mentoring work through scheduled visits to the sponsored Syrdarya region, which provide scientific - practical assistance to the health authorities in improving surgical care for children's population . Thus, from 1947 to 1971 (for 24 years), Department of Pediatric Surgery was at TashSMI. In 1972, the Department moved to MAMPI (middle asian medical pediatric institute) Department "of Surgery Children 'formed at the Department of the" Children's Surgery № 1 "in 2003, is located on the hospital grounds where TashPMI and functions to this day. Only 40 - year history of the department done a great job. On the organization of children's surgery, trauma, orthopedics, oncology and intensive care - anesthesia care in Uzbekistan and the Central Asian republics. Over the past period, tens of thousands of students have been educated in pediatric surgery. As a result, year on year decrease diagnostic errors surgical diseases, and reduced surgical treatment of sick children.