Educational and educational and methodical work

Educational work. Program faculty pediatric surgery involves "urgent surgery of childhood» - IV course, "surgery of congenital and developmental anomalies» - V rate, "thoracic, cardiovascular surgery" for students 4kursa modular groups and the three-year master's.


Educational Activities Department

1. Organization of training

 1.1. Teaching is conducted through lectures, workshops, and implementation of self-study.


 Number of lectures read in the annual average in the department


The department uses traditional teaching methods and the use of multimedia and video films.
1.2. Current control students performed in each session and is held in the form of interviews of teachers with students, and by the test control. Checking learning lecture material by teachers in             the interview with the students, as well as during the interim and final control.
Current control of students is conducted in four forms:
       a) The laboratory work
       b) the answers to test questions
       c) oral questioning
       d) solution of situational problems
Summarizes the results of the results of current, intermediate and final control.
The final control is carried out in the form of tests in the Test Center TashPMI.
1.3. One type of learning is the subject of laboratory practice. His training involved head. method. study and a laboratory assistant.
1.4. All the professors and lecturers of the department conduct counseling for students.
1.5. There are methodological study with 20 seats, which in recent years used as a training class for scheduled student activities and SSS.
1.6. Multimedia illustrations are updated annually to all lectures and practical exercises.

 2.6. Students also recommended electronic Internet resources:


  • Electronic educational-methodical manuals (see: Downloads)