Spiritual and moral work

On the basis of the plan of the Institute for Spiritual education and ethical education for the 2015-2016 year is developed and approved by the head of the Department Professor Iskandarova S. T. action plan, which, distributed among the teachers of the Department. The Department unanimously elected responsible for the Spiritual education and ethical education for the 2015-2016 assistant Professor Mirdadaeva D. D. It is recommended to prepare an action plan on the work done preparing protocols according to the materials of the Institute. Based on the plan of the Department held events and talks in the format of round tables at the Department, dormitory and other institutions from the associate professors of the Department Fayzieva M.F, Rasulova N. F. assistants Mirdadaeva D. D. and the Z. R. Sattarova in the directions of the Decrees and decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees, orders and modemogramm of the Cabinet of Ministers during the academic year. In 2015, the first and second week of September to hold a series of activities, actively participated with senior curators Fayzieva M. F., B. M. Eshdavletov and responsible on spiritually-educational work Mirdadaeva D. D. and senior lecturer at Jalilova G. A. adaptation of first-year students of all faculties. In 2015, the third week of September held in the roundtable format for first-year students on the theme "Socio-psychological portrait of a student" on the part of the Professor Ikramova M., And responsible at the Department of women's council Odilova M. A. and psychological approaches assistant Mamedova G. B. For the provision of humanitarian assistance to needy students from the Department actively participated associate Professor, Mukhamedova N. with Mirdadaeva D. D.. In the study of the living conditions in the apartments and in providing financial support to students in October 2015 actively participated assistants of the Department Sattarova Z. R., Maksudova N. A.. In October of 2015 on "the study of the history of the native land begins with the love for the Motherland", "Uzbekistan's fertile land", "happy Valley", "Ways to improve" held marathons. In this marathon was actively involved all teachers of the Department. Department of HNF to low-income students of 1 course of Archieves and Tuganova Y. F. was organized a trip to Samarkand. 14 January 2016 on the Day of the defenders army in the Department as assistant professors and assistants Rasulova N. F., Hasanova M. I. Isaev I. S. held a thematic presentation. 5may of 2016 held an event dedicated to Professor of the Department "Public health, organization and management of health" N. M. Makhmudova, "We will never forget You". At this event participated Vice-rector for spiritually-educational work of Akhmedova M. A., responsible for the spiritual and educational work 1 Pediatric faculty Mirzaeva S. In the big Assembly hall of Institute was held the event dedicated to the "Spring games students" actively participated and took the 2nd place, students of the faculty of VSD 1 course 104-103, 3 course 302-304 group awarded with letters of commendation and valuable gifts on the part of the assistants of the Department Mamedova G. B., Sattarova.Z.R., Mirdadaeva D.D. Assistants Nazarova N. B., Sattarova Z.R., Mirdadaeva D. D. thesis prepared on the topic ”Ommaviy Madaniyat” all educational groups and Supervisory groups, additionally this thesis as a presentation held in the dormitory 1-2 pediatric faculty and faculty of HNF. In April 2016 hosted the event for the movies "Icrar", "Thulatha yakovci Nur", "Saratsis treat Yuk","Treat tarihi Zamon of nigohida","Gigaparsec ocillating gamethe of tajiri","Yoshlar VA ularga eytibar" esdauletov by Professor M. F. Fayzieva, Muhamedova.N.B. with assistants Mamedova G. B., Nazarova N. B.. In April 2016 the prepared area of the Department "Materials of the clergy and the enlightenment" on the part of the assistants Sattarova Z. R. and the D. D. Mirdadaeva equipped and put into practice new book of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov, books and encyclopedias. In March 2016 made a presentation in the big hall of the Institute is devoted to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov from February 6, 2014 No. 2124 assistant in the Department of Mirdadaeva D. D. together with the students 1-2-3 - year faculty HNF. In April 2016 according to the plan, the Department held events on themes “do You Know the laws on health care?”, "Excellent law" "We are for healthy lifestyle", "chess Games" professors Paisievo M. F., Mukhamedova N. with the students 1 Pediatric faculty and faculty of HNF.

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