Scientific work

Public health and health care organization. Degree: 47% Iskandarova Sh.T. - MD, professor; Fayzieva M.F. - Candidate of medical science, associate professor; Khasanova M.I. - Candidate of medical science, associate professor; Rasulova N.F. - Candidate of medical science, associate professor; Mukhamedova N.S. - Candidate of medical science, associate professor; Jalilova G.A. - Ph.D. Jamalova Sh.A. - Ph.D. At the department Abdurakhimov Z.A. - an independent competitor "Improvement of distance learning methods before and after graduation and their impact on the quality of medical care." In 2017, assistant Akbarhodzhaev AA, in 2018, assistants-Mamedova GB, Nazarova NB, Isayev IS entered the post-graduate course (PhD). For 2017 published: 56 works Monograph - 3 - Far abroad - 1 - Near abroad - 26 - In the Republic - 8 - In the magazine approved by VAK - 3 - In the collections of scientific and practical conferences - 12. Total theses - 5: - Far abroad - 2 - in the Republic - 3 - articles published with students as a scientific supervisor - 8 - articles published with master-students as scientific supervisor - 6.
In 2018, based on the execution of the Resolution of the President of Uzbekistan. №2909 at the invitation of the International Department of TashPMI according to the agreement between TashPMI and FGBOU at the KSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia in the framework of academic mobility, the Department of Public Health and Health Management was invited by the Head of the General Hygiene Department of the Kursk Medical University, Professor A. Chernykh. Professor Alexander Mikhailovich Chernykh during the visit gave lectures for 3-year students of medical pedagogical, pediatric faculties and the faculty of curative medicine. I met with doctoral students and exchanged experience with the staff of the department.

National Development Program “Science-2020”

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