Educational and educational and methodical work

The department has students of 1, 2, 3 and 6 courses of the pediatric and medical-pedagogical faculty, the faculty of general medicine, students of the 1st course of the medical-biological faculty, and also 1,2,3 courses of the faculty of higher nursing in the following disciplines:
1 course - "History of Medicine", "Hygiene, Medical Ecology"

2 course - "Public Health"

3 course - "General Hygiene and Ecology", "Hygiene with Ecology, VG", "Social Medicine and Health Organization";
6th course - "Public Health and Health Organization, Biostatistics", "Valeology", "Hygiene with Ecology, VG";

Students of the Faculty of Higher Nursing:
• 1 course - Nursing in the community, Clinical epidemiology, Valeology;
• 2 course - Management in nursing,
• 3 course - Sociology of health and disease, evidence-based medicine;

Also at the department are trained masters in the direction of:
• "Organization and management of health care";

The department has 20.25 staff units for the 2018-2019 academic year, of which:
• Head of Department - 1
• Assistant Professors -4
• Senior teachers - 2
• Assistants - 13.25

The staff of the department prepared methodological work, so for the reporting period, developed an educational and methodical complex on subjects in Russian, Uzbek languages ​​and handouts, electronic literature.

The staff of the department developed educational technologies and a working curriculum for all disciplines. Developed a lecture bank.

The department uses new pedagogical technologies, such as “Field of Miracles”, “Knowledge Tree”, various graphic organizers, educational projects and cases. Currently, an educational-methodical complex is being developed using materials from foreign textbooks.

Technical equipment of the department: there are 11 computers, 12-TV, 2-printer, 2-projector.

Employees of the department created an electronic version of the educational-methodical complex in all disciplines. Developed new presentations for practical classes, updated lecture materials with new materials. Textbooks of foreign authors are included in the list of references.