Educational and educational and methodical work of the course

Educational and methodical work of the course

The department has students V-VI courses, as well as students of III course Graduate nursing.
The main directions of activity of the course are to: • Carrying out educational, methodical, scientific and educational work. • Training of students V-VI course of the clinical and pharmacological approaches in selecting drugs for pharmacotherapy of diseases. • The use of innovative methods of teaching students. • Providing advisory and methodical assistance, organization of information services and advice to doctors TashPMI clinic.
Course structure:
The course has 10 full-time units, are: Associate Professor- 3, Assistant-7
Educational work at the department includes the following forms of education:
- Lecture with multimedia support;
- Practical training using modern teaching technologies (graphic organizers, presentations);
- Tests for self-control, source control, and the final level of knowledge;
- Jobs and Tasks for independent work of students and analysis on a practical training;
- Intermediate computer test control;
 Over the past year we published 4 foreign scientific papers, scientific articles 6 local and 6 international, 11 local abstracts in scientific journals of Uzbekistan and Russia. Issued 1 teaching aid "Pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacology of drugs used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract" in Russian and Uzbek languages.

January 6, 2017 members of the department participated in the Republican educational-methodical conference "USE AND EFFECTIVENESS OF MODERN TECHNOLOGIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS" which listened to interesting presentations devoted to interactive teaching methods in medical school. The collection of articles and abstracts members of the department shared their experiences of teaching of clinical pharmacology in 4 articles and 7 theses.

Employees of the department in 2017 September-October assistants Sherova, ZN, Kasymova Sh.Sh. and November-December associate professor Karabekova BA 288-hour training was held at the Faculty of Retraining and Advanced Studies at TMA and received certificates.In January-February,March-April 2018, associate Professor Mukhitdinova M. I., assistant Hakberdieva G. E., assistant Azizova R. A., passed 288 hours of training at the faculty of retraining and improvement of kvalifikatsii with TMA and received certificates.

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2018-2019 academic year

The department has students V-VI courses, as well as students of II-III course Graduate nursing.

Course structure:
The course has 8 full-time units, are: Associate Professor- 3, Assistant-5