History of the course

"Information Science and Information Technology" was first headed by Associate Professor Sanaev Bahriddin Sanaevich (1992-2010 years.). Sanaev Bahriddin Sanaevich great contribution to the development of the department. Science programs at masteravoy concluded. 10  Guidelines and four distribution management is now useful to students. Besides 50 abstracts, 20 articles by.

Since 2010 year Qarshiev Dilshod Abdurahmonovich  is chief of Information and Information Technology department.  D.A.Qarshiev master in electronic technology and physics, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. 40 distribution of manuals, 50 scientific articles and 6 distribution methods manuals author.

D.A.Qarshiev computer science and information technology by creating a new object of educational technology to achieve the introduction of discipline on the roadset. Many components in the mutual development of statistics and molecular discipline Dilshod Abdurahmonovich now also in some cases got underway. Scientific articles and the Russian Uzbekistan influential scientific journal. International affairs forums involved.