Educational and educational and methodical work

 Physical education classes are held in the new sports complex TashPMI.

Types of control:
zan221. Current control RC 45%, 5% Independent work (physical exercise at home and Diary)
2. At the end of each semester I and II of the course   JB 50% (passing standards)

• Practical training in medical monitoring carried out with students of V of cours in a classroom chair.        

Types of control:
 1. Current control RC 45% (each 3 sessions)РІРє11 2. Exams 50% (oral)
3. And as an independent medical examination of children and adolescents in the home
with the filling of medical card Athlete (f 227) and the recommendations of 5%



• Additional work with students 

At the department in their free time in order to improve sports skills and training teams of the Institute for competitionstren1
of various levels operate sports section in volleyball, basketball, table
tennis, chess, checkers, kurash, mini football, athletics and recreational groups.
Classes are run by teachers in the sections of our department, all they m/s and the candidate m/s