Scientific work

Topics of masters third year:

Abduraxmanova Nigora Faxriddinovna

Topic:"Characteristics of osteopenic syndrome in patients with verified atherosclerosis of coronary arteries".

Saidov Shavkat Baxromovich

Topic: "Intracardiac hemodynamics and kidney filtration capacity indicators in various schemes of treatment of coronary heart disease"

Ismailova Elnara Nadirovna

Topic:"Optimization of early diagnostics of bronchial hypersensitivity in patients with respiratory allergosis"

Yusupov Adamboy Mamadjonovich

Topic:"Disturbance of vegetative status in patients with chronic heart failure of ischemic etiology".

Eshonqulova Oisha Alimurod qizi

Topic: "The functional state of heart and kidneys in patients with chronic heart failure and atrial fibrillation"

Rasulev Yorqin Erkinovich

Topic:"Disturbance of bone-mineral metabolism in patients with chronic kidney disease of various etiology".

Asatullayeva Dilnoza Shavkat qizi

Topic: "Intestinal flora status in cours of treatment of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease"



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