Department history

1972 Pediatric medical institute was founded on the grounds of edict government Uzbekistan. At the beginning was initially formed 2departments of the internal diseases. The Managinging department was Bahadyrov A. Managing department propedeuticus internal diseases was nominated doctor of the medical sciences professor Sharapov U.B. Since SAMPI was a new institute department was based in 17-ouch town hospital. On department worked doc. Inoyatova L.H., assistents ZHalalova D.M., Tadzhiev D.SH., Irismetova N.S., Gaffarova F.K., Vasilenko L.I., Suyumova, Lukyanchikov. 1979 1-2-4-5 courses taught in SAMPI 2departments of the internal diseases. On the first department of the internal diseases managing departments was Bahadyrov A., on twice to department of the internal diseases professor Babahodzhaev N.K.. 1979 from that that institute became to enlarge Department optional therapy stood out from department propedeuticus. And as from this year and department of the internal diseases was formed on сей day. The Managing department was SHarapov U.B., assistant professor Gaffarova F.K., assistents ZHalalova D.M., SHodmonov U., Tuyzhonova, Gayupova G.M. Under the direction of Sharapov U.B. scholastic-methodical allowance was published for optional терапии. The Whole 150 scientific articles were published on department, 5 methodical allowances. 1994 under the direction of Sharapov U.B. and assistant professor Gaffarova F.K., SHodmonov U. Was printed textbook "Internal disease" In 2005 on department was opened magistracy on professions "Cardiology". In 2004 department was divided into 2 separate departments: Optional and war-field therapy (the head of the chair Babazhanov A.) and Of hospital therapy and propedeuticus of internal diseases (the head of the chair Rahimov SH.M.). Previous composition of the department


Present composition of the department


Managing department

Budyanskiy Mihail Veniaminovich

Managing department with 1979 on 1991


Isamuhamedov Sadriddin Zayniddinovich

Managing department twith 1982 on 1985


Sharapov Utkir Bakihanovich

Managing department with 1972 on 2000


Mahmudov Bahrom Hamidovich

Managing department since 1992 on 1997


Rahimov SHuhrat Malikovich

Managing department with 2000 on 2012


At present managing department

Alyavi Bahromkhon Anishanovich