Raising and upbringing work of the course

Spiritual, moral and curatorial work of the department consists of the following activities:
- Conducting information day for students curatorial groups and groups of students;
- Oral interviews and selection of printed information on education of student youth.
Spiritual and moral work at the department is conducted according to the plan approved by the Department of spiritual and moral TashPMI. 4-September was held a lesson dedicated to the memory of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov and the 26 anniversary of the Day "Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan". Staff Course 28 September took part in the celebration dedicated to the "Day of teachers and instructors," Docent Karabekova Balhiya Artikovna was awarded a gift.
 In the 2017-2018 academic year to the course instructors attached curatorial groups 107, 301-306 and 704 medical-pedagogical faculty. Meeting facilitators with their groups are held according to the schedule. Hosts group familiarized with the living conditions of students living in rented apartments.


Every week, according to the schedule, the curators meet and discuss the students' existing problems, and also hold talks on the topics: Independence and Honor Day, the "beauty of upbringing and behavior", "The Dinim Extremism of the Vanni Oyimlar Hajid," "Religious Extremism and Religious Currents," "Gyehvandlik- , "Drug addiction and tobacco smoking" "AIDS problem of the 21st century", "Defender of the Fatherland Day", "International Women's Day", "Navruz", "Constitution Day", "International Students Day", "Memorial Day"

Assistant Azizova R.A.                                                                          Docent Karabekova B.A.

Azizova RA..   Karabekova BA1       Karabekova BA

Docent Muhitdinova M.I.                                                                                Assiatant Kasimova SH.SH.                                                                          Assiatant Sherova Z.N.                                                                                                                                                         


Muhitdinova MIKasimova SHSH

SHerova ZN.



Assistant Hakberdieva G.E.                                          Assistant SHaabidova K.SH.                                              Assistant Mavlyanova N.T.


  Hakberdieva GE SHaabidova KSH            Mavlyanova NT