Scientific work of the course

Scientific work rate
Chair potential: Capacity of the Department: Degrees of the course - 45% Candidates of medical Sciences - 3 TThe main scientific directions of the department: "Research and experimental research and introduction of new hepatoprotective funds"; Clinical and pharmacological studies and comparative evaluation of new drugs (antibiotics); Clinical and pharmacological studies of new drugs and forms in children. During the existence of the department have been protected 4 candidate and 2 doctoral theses, published more than 200 scientific articles, abstracts and a teaching aid. Over the past year we published 4 foreign scientific papers, scientific articles 6 local and 6 international, 11 local abstracts in scientific journals of Uzbekistan and Russia. Issued 1 teaching aid "Pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacology of drugs used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract" in Russian and Uzbek languages.
 Scientific and methodical work of the department is represented by the following developments:
- Training programs for clinical pharmacology in the specialties: 5510200 "Pediatric business" 5510100 "Medicine" and "Vocational training 5111000 (5720100" Medicine "); 5510100 "Medicine" and "Vocational training 5111000 (5510100" Medicine ");
- Guidelines and lectures with multimedia support for pediatric clinical pharmacology (6 courses) and medical-pedagogical and medical faculties (5-6 year);
- Guidelines and lectures with multimedia support in English for Clinical Pharmacology

The importance of student self-study in teaching

Using innovative teaching methods in teaching

Methods of teaching in the teaching of clinical pharmacology

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Ensuring the safe use of non-steroids anti-inflammatory drugs

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Polypharmacy - the pharmacoeconomic problem of modern clinical medicine

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The role of aspirin acid in the treatment of coronary heart disease

Independent work of students in a medical college

Assessment of anemic and sideropenic syndromes of chronic pyelonephritis in school-age children