Scientific work of the course

Basic directions of scientific activity Employees of the course conducted scientific developments and research in the fields:

"The role and place to be specified ultrasound diagnostics for diseases of childhood."

• The average age of the employees of the course - 33 years

Staff, magistracy students, residents and applicants of the course publish many scientific works, theses, publications, articles, and abstracts in the local and foreign press. Through the SSS (students scientific society) abstracts of students are published in the local and national press.

List of published articles of 2017.

• Doppler researches in formativeness in diagnosis of chronic viral hepatitis’s in children.

• Studying the role of complex echographic researches in diagnosis of chronic viral hepatitis in children.

• Modern ultrasound techniques in the integrated clinical and echographic diagnosis of chronic viral hepatitis in children.

• Study of the thickness of the intima-media complex of the carotid arteries in children, depending on age body mass index.

• Comparative evaluation of ultrasound and Doppler blood vessels of the liver and spleen in children with chronic hepatitis B

• The state of central hemodynamics in children with chronic hepatitis.

• The use of ultrasound in the navigation central venous catheterization in children.

• Doppler sonography evaluation of endothelial function in young male smokers.

• Optimizing the diagnosis of tumors of the eyeball using a complex ultrasound.

• Complex beam diagnosis of esophageal cancer

• Integrated echographic diagnosis of chronic viral hepatitis in children.

• Participation in scientific conferences, congresses and other events

• XIX Congress of pediatric gastroenterologists in Russia and the CIS. Actual problems of abdominal pathology in pediatrics

• 40th Scientific Conference of Student Scientific Society.

•X scientific conference resident graduate and medical residents.

• European Congress of ultrasonic medical Euroson (Madrid, Spain).

• Conference of Radiology (Moscow, Russia).

• Modern methods of medical imaging and interventional radiology» IX Scientific Conference radiologists Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Uzbekistan).

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TMA messenger, 2016

Young scientist, №2, 2016

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Young scientist, №16, 2016

International journal of applied and fundamental research

International journal of applied and fundamental research (2)

Problems of children's dietology, 2016