Scientific works


The integrated subject: «Modern diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of congenital diseases of eyes at children».

The department conducts scientific job on the following subjects:

1. New methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of pathologies of body of sight in children.

2. Transplantation of amniotic membranes at diseases of conjunctiva and cornea.

3. Perfection of methods of surgical treatment and rehabilitation of children with traumatic cataract.

4. Laser treatments of the congenital and acquired pathologies of body of sight in children.

5. Optimisation of diagnostics and surgical correction of some forms of an atypical squint in children.

6. Age features of refraction after extraction of unilateral congenital cataract in children.

7. Perfection of surgical treatment of children with a congenital glaucoma

8. Clinical - immune aspects of allergic disease of the eyes in children and a way of their correction.

9. Features of diagnostics and surgical treatment of eye displays of Marfan syndrome.

The degree of scientific activity of department - 45%.

Student's scientific organization

In 2014- 2017 year on Student's scientific organization 8 students of 5th and 7th courses have participated. Results of their scientific jobs are published in the collection of theses 43 student's scientific conferences. Student of master`s degree department Boboha L.Y. under the guidance of Hamraeva L.S. participated the report in yong  sintefist's scientific conferences and have received 1 prize-winning places.