About departament

The department of Ophthalmology, children ophthalmology of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute has been founded on  20th August 1972. Its first manager was a senior lecturer (since 1982 - the professor) Levchenko Oksana Glebovna. Since 1993 till 2009 senior lecturer Zahidov Basit Abidovich managed the departament. Since 2009 to present time doctor of medical sciences Buzrukov Botir Tulkunovich has managing the department.

buzrukov botir tultunovich

Now in department work: senior lecturer Babadjanova Lola Djananovna, senior lecturer Hamraeva Lola Salimovna, senior lecturer Iskandarova Malika Alisherovna, assistants Turakulova Dilfuza Muhiddinovna, Zakirhodjaeva Dilorom Asrarovna, Kariev Abdufarruh Varisovich,, Boboha Lyubava Yurevna, Khalilov Sardor Abdusobitovich, Kamalov Nuriddin Zaynuddinovich, Khamroeva Yulduz Abdurashidovna. Part-time workers in department are Siddikov Zafar Umarovich - director of the specialized centre "Eye Microsurgery"

siddiqov2Islamov Ziyovuddin Sadriddinovich  managing ophthalmologist in department of a centre "Oncology and Radiology"

islomov ziyovuddin sadriddinovich

Training on department there pass students of 5, 6- and 7 - courses in a subject «Ophthalmology, children's ophthalmology», and also residents of a masters degree and clinical interns. On department scientific researches in following directions are carried out: «the congenital pathology of body of sight», «Modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of the acquired pathology of body of sight». Employees of department actively co-operate with Center «Eye Microsurgery» Republic of Uzbekistan, Ophthalmologic hospital of the Tashkent region, eye department of the Tashkent city children's versatile hospital, Branch of ophthalmology of Scientific research institute of oncology and radiology. Employees of department actively participate in working out of methodical recommendations, manuals and textbooks on ophthalmology, banks of lectures. By present time they let out 17 scholar-methodical grants, are translated into the Uzbek language J.J. Kanski's monograph "Clinical Ophthalmology" (2005 y.), Joseph Flamer’s monograph «Glaukoma» (2010 y). Conferences «Actual problems of children's ophthalmology» (1997, 1999, 2005) have been organized, 2 collections of conferences are let out. Employees of department, masters, and competitors accept active participation in the international conferences, the congresses and symposiums. By present time more than 700 theses, 8 monographers, more than 140 articles have been published.

Medical activity of chair. Employees of chair  work actively for reduction of quantity of children's blindness in Uzbekistan. By them are annually conduct more than 1000 operations like that extractions of cataracts, more than 500 operations in squint at children, more than  300 antiglaukomatous operations, more than 100 plastic and other operations at children in bases of chair. Also once a month according to the schedule in regions of Republic they carry out high qualified ophthalmologic help to children and adults.