Spiritual and moral work

Spiritual-moral work Man is not born rich in a spiritual and moral sense, so spiritual and moral education is the leading trend in the education of the younger generation. The task of educational institutions is not only training, but also a decent education, fully developed, deep spiritual and moral generation, determine the present and future of our country. Spiritual and moral education - organized and purposeful activity is not only teachers but parents and mahalla aimed at creating the highest moral values among the youth. Regulatory and methodological basis of the program of spiritual and moral development and education of students at the Department of Ambulatory Medicine Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute are approved plan of spiritual and moral work Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute. According to the plan of the Institute we plan a pian of the department, where the purpose and objectives of spiritual and moral development and education of students, formulated the modern educational ideal towards which the efforts should be directed by teachers. The purpose of spiritual and moral development and education of students is the pedagogical support, the establishment and development of fully developed, highly moral, creative, competent citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the fate of the host country as their personal, conscious of the responsibility for the present and future of the country, rooted in the spiritual and cultural traditions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The basic directions of the spiritual and moral development and education of students:
• Introduction to the most important events in the country and in the world 
• Values Education for nature, the environment 

Order 244-24,04,2017-Sulaimonov









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