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Scientific activity Area of research of the department is: "Improving the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of childhood." PhD chair: 3 doctors of medical sciences, 10 candidates of medical sciences. In the department have been reserved 2 doctoral and three master's theses in recent years: Shomansurova E.A . her doctoral thesis on "Clinical features, diagnosis and immunoprophylaxis Haemophilus influenzae in children." Agzamova Sh. her doctoral thesis on the subject: «TORCH infections in children, the risk factors predicting the courses and outcomes." Ubaydullaeva S.A. defended her thesis on "Improving measle vaccination in children with obstructive bronchitis", supervisor MD Shamansurova E.A.  Sh. Mahkamova GG - she defended her thesis on the topic: "The etiological and clinical characteristics of diseases associated with croup in children", PhD supervisor, Professor E.A. Shamansurova Planned thesis: Ubaydullaeva S.A. - Thesis: "Peculiarities of chronic non-communicable diseases in children, adolescents, and ways to improve the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches."  Mahkamova G.T. - Thesis: "Evaluation of the functional state of the respiratory system in children with pneumonia different etiology, methods of correction." Kutlumuratova Z.R. - Thesis: "A comprehensive evaluation of the pathogenetic mechanisms of cardiovascular disorders in children, prevention and treatment." Teachers of the department are members of the association of pediatricians and general practitioners of Uzbekistan, actively participate in the annual scientific conferences. The Department has student scientific circle "ZIELILAR." 7 th year students reports on current topics in the annual conferences of young scientists at the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute. F.K.Tashpulatova. SH.A. Agzamova -GENETIC PRECONDITIONS OF CLINICAL-BIOCHEMICAL MANIFISTATIONS OF TUBERCULOSIS OF LUNGS.

Articles 2017

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AlimovaM.X., Ubajdullaevna

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Monographies 2017


The monography of Shamansurova, Mahkamova

The monography of Shamansurova, Mahkamova



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Russia article №3 2014

Innovative educational technologies Ufa 2015 April

Vyatsky medical bulletin of Turdiyev Sh.T.2,2015

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