Educational and educational and methodical work

Department of "Pharmacology"

With students at the Department of the 3rd year in a subject "Pharmacology" and for 7-year introduced a new subject "Herbal recipes". During the sessions are widely used modern educational technology (graphic organizers, glossary, movies, multimedia) and information technology resources. Assessment of the students based on the rating system. Final exams test in the test center. By the members of the department are prepared training, training manuals from pharmacology latest teaching technologies. In the 2014-2015 academic year for students of the 3rd course in pharmacy a textbook "General formula". For students of the 7th course on the course "Herbal medicine and formulations", prepared by the new educational technologies in Uzbek and in Russian. In the I – pediatric faculty the number of students 145, they passed the test exam for pharmacology and the coefficient of performance is 98%. In II – pediatric faculty the number of students 149, the coefficient of performance is 97%. In medico-pedagogical faculty the number of students 61, the coefficient of performance is 91%. In the medical faculty the number of students 54, the coefficient of performance is 96%. National Karaganda State University was invited to TashPMI Head of the Department of Pharmacology prof. Zhaugasheva SK January 26, 2016 the employees of the Department of Pharmacology prof. Sabir Keldinovna gave a lecture on the topic: "The pathogenesis of diabetes and treatment." She suggested that cooperation with the national Department of Pharmacology of the Karaganda State University.

Head of the Department of pharmacology and physiology Professor S. D.Aminov in tecosim academic year took 2 nd placein the contest "The Best teacher of the year" of the Institute.
The Department staff issued a manual on "General formula" in Latin script.
Senior lecturer in pharmacology G. A. Karimov has passed FPC on the basis of the TMA with 1.11. - 29.12.17 G.
Associate Professor of pharmacology sh. T. Ziyaeva passed FPC on the basis of TMA from 03.01. - 28.02.18 G.
The associate professor of pharmacology of Sh.T. Ziyaev current academic year I have taken the 1st the place at the competition "The Best Teacher of Year" in the specialty.

The manual the General compounding on pharmacology is ready to the edition.

The manager of department of pharmacology, physiology of TashPMI S.D. Aminov improved skills on the courses "Professional Course for Pharmaceutical Key Personnel of Uzbekistan" of the physics organized by institute, chemistry and the equipment of the Xinjiang Academy of Sciences in People's Republic of China 12.10.-21.10.2018 years.

At the invitation of the head of the Department of pharmacology, physiology TashPMI SD Aminova visited our Institute Professor of physiology of the Kursk State medical Institute I. L. Privalova from 13.11.-16.11.. At our Department, she held open lectures to employees of the Department and students on the topics "Physiology of hemostasis", "the use of the method of Electroneuromyography in scientific work."