Course history


Normal Physiology Department was organized in 1972. From the first days until 1999 was its permanent leader Kadyrov Umid Zufarovich (1934 - 1999), a graduate of the Tashkent Medical Institute, the student of school prof. G.K. Shlygin (Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Sciences), physiologist, MD (1970), Professor (1970), Excellent Health, a leading gastroenterologist CIS. The activities of the department primarily associated with his name. Under the direction of U.Z. Kadyrov in the department were dozens of its employees, who later became candidates and doctors of science and continued to work in other departments, both within the SAMPI, and in other higher education institutions of the Republic. Simultaneously with the beginning work of the department was organized scientific laboratory and created distinctive physiological school, originating from the beginning of the scientific of school prof. G.K. Shlygin. At various times, the Department conducted joint laboratory research activities with leading school of physiology USSR and Russia. Normal Physiology Department works closely with the Department of Physiology at the Tashkent Medical Academy, as well as helping in the Department of Physiology of the Nukus medical institute, an affiliate TashPMI. In different years, the department worked talented teachers such as MD prof. Ryanskaya O. M., MD Assoc. Shcherbakov Y. U., MD Assoc. Brusilov G.L. From 1998 to the present Department is working with the Department of Pharmacology