About the course

About the department
Employees of the Department:
Number of staff units -6.25
Of these, faculty - 7 people
The department has:
Associate professors -3
Sciences, 3 Candidates
The teaching and support staff of the department laboratory 2.
Professional development is carried out in accordance with the plan of the dean's office to improve teacher training.
 Teaching staff:
1. Abdumadzhid AA - Associate Professor, t.f.n
2. Askaryants VP - Associate Professor, t.f.n
3. Akhrarov HH - Associate Professor, t.f.n
4. Pazilova S.B.- Assistant
5. Fazyldzhanova AS - assistant
6. Babadjanova FA - assistant
7. Mustakimova FA - Assistant
The contingent of students Students
1 course: Faculty of Higher Nursing.
2- Course: Pediatric, medical and pedagogical, medical faculty.
Subjects studied at the Department of
human Physiology

Number of hours - 244 hours
Lectures: pediatriya- 36 h, 36 h fakultet- medical, medico-pedagogical fak.- 36 hours
Practical classes: pediatriya- 126 hours, 126 hours fakultet- medical, medico-pedagogical fak.- 126 hours
The intermediate survey -2 (orally)
Individual work - 82 h
Final poll: oral