About departament

Department of dermatovenereology, pediatric dermatology and AIDS of Tashkent pediatric medical institute was founded on the 20th of August 1972. The founder and the first chief of the Department was Suleymanov Karim Suleymanovich, who was one of the first doctors of medical science in Uzbekistan. Under the leadership of professor Suleymanov 1 doctoral work and 3 candidate dissertations were proved. For the whole scientific-pedagogic activity he published more than 200 scientific articles and 1 monograph. In 1989-2009 the department was managed by professor Shadiyev Kh.K. under his leadership 4 doctoral and 8 candidate dissertations were proved. He was the author of more than 150 scientific works and 4 monographs. Since 2009 the chief of the department is DM, professor Mannanov Abdushukur Malikovich. Under his leadership 1 doctoral work and 3 cadidates of medical science were trained. Professor Mannanov A.M. is the author of 140 scientific works. The department successfully combined scientific work with educational-methodic work. Services of many of the members of the department were marked by the governing body of the institute of MHC and MHE. Members of the department actively participate in the designing of methodic recommendations, educational manuals and text-books on propaedeutics of children’s diseases and common care of children. By common efforts of the members of the department there are more than 20 issued methodic recommendations, 1 text-book and educational manuals, monographs.