Raising and Upbringing

TashPMI Semiannual report of the spiritual and educational matters of the Department of "Theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan" 2012-2013 academic year Teacher of the department Yu.J.Jabborova who is responsible for the spiritual and educational affairs has made a yearly plan of the department based on a plan of the Institute and completed following activities: 1. On 03/09/2012 -7.09.2012 involving professors and teachers of the Department: Alimova M.M., M.J.Karimova, Jabborova YU.J., Haytmatova G.A., Umarova N.H., Odilova D.B. conducted 12-hour lessons of independence for the 1st course students and 8-hour lessons of independence for the 2nd course students based on books of I.A.Karimov on "Historical memory and the human factor - the key to a great future" 2. September teachers Karimova M.J. and Jabborova YU.J. visited the museum "Қataғon қurbonlari hotirasi" with the bachelor groups 101,102,103,104,105 1 pediatric faculty and 101,102,103 group MKO. 3. On September 12, 2012, led by head of the department M.A.Ahmedova a meeting of the department. The questions on the topic of "religious extremism and the fight against terrorism", "corruption and extortion of PPP" 4. On September 28, 2012 on the occasion of the "day mentor" head of the department M.A.Ahmedova Associate Chair congratulated the teachers of the department and lecturer Yu.Zh.Zhabborova made a presentation on "Ustoz otangday ulug." 5. On October 20, 2012 Teachers of the department Alimova M.M., M.J.Karimov, Jabborova YU.J., Haytmatova G.A., Umarov N.H., Odilova D.B. had a two-course conversation with the students on "Tilga etibor - Elga etibor." 6. On December 5, 2012 with the participation of teachers in the Department held a holiday across the Institute on "The Constitution - the pledge of rights and freedoms" on the 20th anniversary of the Constitution, the Constitution was established corner, December 6, 2012, a round table in the 1 - to hostel students. 7. December 19, 2012 held a roundtable with students curatorial groups 201-202-203-204, 1 - pediatric department on "Mafkuraviy immunitet va g`oyaviy kurashchanlik jamiyatimiz barqaror taraqqiyot garovidir.”