Educational and educational and methodical work

Educational activity.

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    At the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute classes with students of 5-6-7 courses of pediatric faculty and students of the Faculty of Graduate 3nd year nursing, with residents Magistrates "Children's Infectious Diseases " and clinical residents . The main base of the chair is a infectious hospital №5 (This clinic is equipped with 210 places and is located at Tashkent district, street Arpapoya number 12). Additional base shall be considered infectious hostital №1 (This clinic is equipped with 150 places and is located at district Olmazar) , clinic Research Institute of Epidemiology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (This clinic is equipped with 300 places and is located at street Reshetova number 22) , the Research Institute of Virology (This clinic is equipped with 200 places and it is located Yunusobod district, street Muradova number 7) , pediatric infectious hospital №4 ( Shayhontohur district, street Zuhur Kobulov ) , 36 family clinic ( Tashkent district, street Arpapoya number 13) , clinic TashPMI Republican Centre of Hepatology ( Yunusobod district, street Muradova number 7).


      Also with the students during the course of 6 semesters 11-12 themed practical outreach sessions at the clinic of Pediatric Infectious Diseases , Tashkent Medical Academy and the Republican Children's polio clinic.


    During the school year to test students' knowledge of the course were drawn 1000 tests next-generation Russian and Uzbek languages ​​and put into a test center where students take further  according to tests . To pass the course students 6 course were composed of 150 questions for the written exam and 50 case studies ( 50 tickets ) . For the 6th year students in accordance with the new requirements were organized and delivered 8 OSKE stations; students to sit for 7 courses were separately composed of 270 multiple-choice questions on the Russian and Uzbek languages. For state certification were updated and put 270 test questions in Uzbek and Russian languages ​​, 27 OSKE jobs . At the same time , for students 6-7 courses were updated and verified scorecards clinical thinking students and handouts . At the department for students of 6-7 courses were composed 6 in Russian and Uzbek 6 lectures and texts are written and electronic versions of multimedia.

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    Together with these were complemented and extended interactive teaching methods and multimedia materials in Russian, Uzbek and English languages.