About departament

About Department

Department of Medical biology and genetics of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute was created in 1972 and the head of department was A.T. Akilov. Starting from 1989 up to 2007 the head of department was professor K.N.Nishanbaev. Starting from 2007 associate professor M.M.Shertaev manages the department.

Today at the department work ScD, Associate  Professor  M.M.Shertaev, ScD Associate Professor  C.Kh.Ikramova, ScD, Senior Lecture  I.A.Sultanbekova, Assistent Z.A.Choriyeva., c.of.a.s. Assistent S.A.Egamberdieva. Students of 1st course study Medical biology and genetics in this department during 1st and 2nd semester. From 222 hours, which giving to subject, 28 hours are for lectures, 116 hours are for practicing and 78 hours are for student's self work. 

Employees of the department have published more than 450 works, including 4 monograph, 16 textbooks, 3 medical dictionaries, more than 40 teaching guides, 16 popular science brochures and 4 rationalization proposals. A.T.Akilov and K.N. Nishanbaev were awarded with State prize of Uzbekistan named after Abu Rayhan Beruniy in the direction of science and technology for results that were received in study of Evolution of cellular and tissue systems and their sensitivity to radiation.

Employees of the department actively participate in creation of textbooks, study guides about medical biology and genetics with Tashkent city's and Tashkent region's medical academic lyceums and colleges. Under the leadership of the head of department were defended 6 doctoral and 16 candidate works.

In last 10 years employees of the department have prepared 6 textbooks (for medical Institutes, medical colleges and lyceums) more than 40 articles, more than 30 theses and 8 teaching guides.