Department history

History of the department.

     Department of Medical biology and genetics of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute was created in 1972 and the head of department was Akilov Ataulla T. Starting from 1989 to 2007 the head of department was professor Nishanbaev Kurash N. From 2007 to 2009 associate professor Shertaev M.M. manages the department. In 2009 the department has merged with the department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology and was renamed as Medical biology, genetics, microbiology, virology and Immunology which was managed by M.M. Shertaev. From 2012 the department is called Medical biology and genetics and the head of the department is M.M.Shertaev. Former members of department are Associate Professor Khamraeva F.A., assistant Mukhamadjonova H.K., assistant Zaremskaya L.M., Associate Professor Nishonboeva M.A., Professor Eshankulov O.E.,Senior Lecturer Boboniyazov K.K., assistant Usmanova A.S., ScD Shoabdurakhmonova G.Sh.,Senior Lecturer Rustemov I.R., ScD Nabiyev U.A., ScD Saidov T.M., assistant Daminov A.Kh., ScD, assistant Normatov K.N., ScD, Senior Lecturer Jumashev S.N., assistent Jakipova S., ScD, assistant Ochilov G.B., ScD, assistant Tokhirova D., Associate Professor Dustmatov A.T., ScD,  Senior Lecturer, ScD Umarkhodjaeva I.X., Associate Professor Urmich E.M., ScD Mukhamedova M.J., assistant Chorieva Z.A.






         Okilov Ataullo Turakhonovich, MD, professor, in 1953-1972 was an assistant and associate professor in department of human anatomy, then in department of biology in TashMI. In 1972-1989 he led department of medical biology and genetics of TashPMI. In 1963 defended PhD thesis on topic: Providing blood thyroid, in 1971 defended PhD thesis on topic: Blood forming organs and vertebrate phylogeny development components of blood. He trained 2 PhDs and 6 candidates of science. He is the author of more than 130 scientific articles, 5 monographs and 2 textbooks for students. He was a member of the company’s management of Medical Genetics in Uzbekistan. He was a member of Republican National Society “Human and biosphere” on program “UNESCO”, member of editorial board “Science and life”, he was also responsible editor of famous encyclopaedia “Health”. Was one of the creators of a newspaper “Paediatrics”, was awarded with a medal veteran of labour, and also was awarded with chest icon “Excellent Health”


         Nishanbaev Kurash Nishanbaevich Sc.D, professor. In 1967 graduated TashMI. In 1967-1975 worked in TashMI in department of biology, was an assistant, graduate, senior lecturer, associate professor, and docent. In 1975-1989 has worked in Institute of biochemistry ANUzR, senior researcher, and head of laboratory and in 1989-2007 worked as head of department of Medical Biology and genetics in TashPMI. In 1982 has defended doctoral dissertation on topic: “Cytofunctional characteristic of blood forming system and vertebrate. K.N.Nishanbaev is an author of more than 250 scientific works, co-author of more than 15 textbooks, under his leadership were trained 4 PhDs and 9 candidates of science. K.N.Nishanbaev was a chairman of teacher’s union of Institute.  In 1993-1998, member of methodical association member of medical biological subjects of Institute. From 1999-2002 chairmen of commission scientific and educational and biological problems. He worked as scientific secretary of the higher attestation commission about medical biological discipline, he was an assistant of chairman VAK.


       Shertaev Myhammadamin Mamajanovich graduated from biological faculty of SamGU. In 1981-1989 worked in Institute of Biochemistry AN UzR. In 1989 under the leadership of academician T.S.Saatova defended Ph.D. thesis on topic: “Composition and functional significance of lipid in immunocompetent organs in the development of malignant tumors”. From 1989 he started working in department of medical biology and genetics of TashPMI. 1994-1996 worked as an expert in Test Centre in TashPMI, 1996-1997 worked as a Methodist of spiritual education department, in 1998-2007 worked as assistant dean of Paediatric faculty, from 2007 leads the department. He is an author of more than 100 scientific works. Nowadays he works on doctoral dissertation on theme: “Functional activity of immune cells during transformation.