Educational and educational and methodical work

At the Department there are:

  • Training program, the work program, educational technology, based on the approved curriculum for students of bachelors, Vice Rector of TashPMI.
  • During studying of a subject of "medical biology and genetics" on a practical training.




Practical and lecture material in Russian, Uzbek (Latin and Cyrillic). Classes are held respectively calendar thematic plan 1th courses in pediatric, medical and pedagogical faculties.


• Lectures and practical classes are held on the working program and shall be recorded in the journals;

• For the 1-year Pediatric, medical and pedagogical faculties on the basis of methodological manuals createdindependent work;

• On the working programmer set up evaluation sheets for students on each topic and fill students your self;

• To students of pediatric faculty and medico-pedagogical faculty examination is carried out to students test a look, is accepted;

• In the process of learning new pedagogical technologies with interactive teaching methods: interactive techniques,  raphic organizers (Lotus Flower cluster), case study, training project;

•  New pedagogical technologies used at workshops:, "black box," the swarm";

• Tests are applied in practical training of different levels and solve situational problems:

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 • On department of medical biology and genetics there are following technical means used in the course of training 

Фото0191   -TV and DVD player disk DVD on various topics;