Since 2012 the Department is headed by MD, Professor Dilorom Akhmedova Ilkhamova.
Training at the Department students of the 6th course of medical-pedagogical faculty on subject "Pediatrics", students of the 6th course 2-Pediatric faculty on the subject of "hospital Pediatrics".
In addition, the Department conducts scientific researches in different directions. Members of the Department, candidates are actively cooperating with the following organizations: research Institute of Pediatrics, research Institute of endocrinology of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Scientific research Institute of immunology, Anrus. Department staff are actively involved in the development of guidelines, training manuals and textbooks on propedeutics of children's diseases and the General care of children. To date, they have released more than 20 methodical recommendations, 2 textbooks and teaching AIDS. In addition, employees of the Department, the applicants are active in international conferences, congresses and symposia. To date, they have published more than 200 article 100 article.