Course history

logo zagruzki Under the leadership of NO Zokirov was established in 1992 "Manuals otnsitsyam lesson in microbiology" The main directions of the department was "Genetics of microorganisms and immunology." In 1972-1975 the department's first team were: 1. Kim LP MD ass. (1972 - 1977) 2. Abdumalikova ZM MD Assistant (1972 - 1978) 3. Leonenko VA MD Assistant (1973 - 1977) 4. Mirsadikova MI Assistant (1974-1975) 5. Ikramov MA Assistant (1974-1977) 6. Abdurakhimova Sh Assistant (1974 - 1976) After having come to the department the following employees: 1. Vahidova HW Assistant (1977 - 1980) 2. Kocherovskaya M. MD, (1979-1980) 3. Umarov AD ass. (1978 - 1980) 4. Rashithodzhaev TI Assistant (1980-1983) 5. To the department in 1992 Fayzullaeva ZR came as an assistant. 6. Since 1992, BB Seythanova worked as an assistant. 7.In 1995 he joined Dr. Turgunov HZ Kafedra tarixi 2.jpg Since 1998, the post of head of the department was nominated Mirzaeva Mamlakat Aynakulovna. Mirzaeva MA In 1959 she graduated from the Medical College Republican name Y.Ohunbobaeva faculty feldesher - analyst. She graduated in 1966 graduated from the hygienic department of the Tashkent State Medical Institute. Mirzaeva Mamlakat Aynakulovna. Jpg Mirzaeva MA Member of the Teaching, Teaching and problem advice. She is deputy chairman of the microbiology of the Republic, a member of the Association of Microbiologists and the Special Board D087.11.01. at UzNIIMIZ. Is also one of the organizers and participants of the Congress of Microbiology held in Uzbekistan. Kafedra tarixi 3.jpg From 1998 to 2009 the Department has worked with the following members: 1. Mirzaeva M.A. d.m.s., Professor (since 1998); 2. Turgunova H.Z.k.b.s., docent (since 1995); 3. Mahkamova D.E. c.m.s., docent (since 2008); 4. Karimova Z.K. c.m.s., Senior Lecturer (from 2008); 5. Islomov A.Y. c.m.s., Assistant (since 2002);