On November 18, 2016 in Tashkent in the conference center of International hotel the scientific and practical conference with the international participation devoted to topical issues of diagnostics and treatment of neurologic diseases took place.

The conference was organized by the Ministry of Health of RUZ, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the European commission of the World antiepileptic League, Department of health care of Moscow, the Tashkent Pediatric medical institute, the Tashkent institute of enhancement of doctors, Public consolidation of neurologists of Uzbekistan, the All-Russian society of neurologists.

Professor A. V. Alimov (Uzbekistan), professor B. T. Daminov (Uzbekistan), the academician A. A. Skoromets (Russia), professor A. I. Fedin (Russia), professor B. G. Gafurov (Uzbekistan), professor Yo. N. Madzhidova (Uzbekistan), professor G. S. Rakhimbayeva, professor Sh. Sh. Shamanmurov, professor E. M. Mirdzhurayev were cochairmen of a conference. The conference took place with participation of foreign specialists – the academician A. A Skoromets, the prof. A. I. Fedin, the prof. V. D Mendeleevich, professional E.R.Barantsevich, the prof. V. V Afanasyev, the prof. A. P Skoromets, the prof. E.N.Dyakonov, professional. L. S Chutko, the prof. V. V. Kovalchuk, the prof. L. A Belov, the prof. O. V. Vorobyov, the leading domestic experts in the area, the practicing doctors, and also young scientists.

The conference consisted of two plenary meetings and four section meetings.

The first plenary meeting, diagnostics and treatments of neurologic diseases – an important medical and social problem began in 930 after the end of registration of participants.

After a break four section meetings devoted to topical issues of neurology were held.

At the first section meeting clinical analyses of patients with neurologic diseases were continued, questions of diagnostics and treatment of cognitive violations in case of neurologic diseases were discussed.

Questions of pathogenesis, clinic, diagnostics and treatment of miyelinopatiya in case of chronic ischemia of a brain were discussed at the second section meeting.

The third section meeting was devoted to problems of a pain syndrome.

The conference attracted great interest of medical audience.

The concluding remarks were made by the chief neurologist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the chairman of Public Consolidation of neurologists of Uzbekistan professor B. G. Gafurov. At 19:00 closing of a conference where there were speeches of chairmen of sections took place and the resolution of a conference was adopted. Certificates were distributed to conferees.

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