Department history

In 1947, on the initiative of the head of the department of general surgery, TashGosMI, prof. Geller GA, the first in Central Asia course of "Children's Surgery" was opened. Headed the course of Assoc. Tagirov K.KH. with young graduates of the pediatric faculty Rohmanova, A.I. Sharipova, S.F. Mushenkova, K.G. Kayumov. This was the first course, followed by the Department of Pediatric Surgery not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia, the fifth in the list of 15 republics of the Soviet Union.

 Tagirov K.X.

Professor Tagirov K.X.

By order of the Ministry of Health of the Uzbek SSR (No. 323 of February 24, 1959), with the newly opened city Children's Hospital No. 10 (Pushkinskaya Street), a pediatric surgical clinic for 150 beds was established, which became the main base of the Department of Pediatric Surgery. As a result, the clinic began to gain popularity among the population of not only Uzbekistan, but also other republics. Children with surgical illnesses were brought to the clinic of pediatric surgery from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and some regions of the RSFSR.

In the organization and development of the department, a great role was played by the founder of the children's surgical school in Russia, Professor S.D. Ternovsky. It is impossible not to note the contribution to the preparation of qualified children's surgeons for our republic by the associates and students of S.Ternovski Academicians Yu.F. Isakov, E.A. Stepanova, V.A. Mikhelson, member of the Correspondents of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences S.Ya.Doletsky, G.M. A.A. Bairova, professors A.F. Lenyushkin, A.F. Leontiev.

In 1964, the department received a new base at the 14th city children's hospital (on Lunacharskoye shosse) for 180 beds, where 3 surgical departments were opened: planned, extracorporeal surgery with traumatology and urology. With the expansion of the hospital's hospital bed, the teaching and pedagogical work of the department improved. There was an opportunity to demonstrate patients on emergency and planned surgery to students at lectures and practical classes. Operational activity of the department has significantly increased. If in 1947 there were 34 operations in total, then during 1948-1955, Between 400 and 1000 operations were conducted annually. Since 1960, after the expansion of the clinic, the number of operations has reached 4000-5000 annually.

Order of the Ministry of Health of the Uzbek SSR at the Department of Pediatric Surgery opened a methodical center for organizing and directing children's surgical care in the republic. On the initiative of the methodical center, children's surgery departments were opened in the regional centers of Uzbekistan: in Bukhara - 75, Andijan - 75, Samarkand - 45, Termez - 45, Fergana - 25, Namangan - 25, Urgench - 35, Karshi - 160, Karakalpakstan In the cities of Andijan and Samarkand, the departments of pediatric surgery were opened, headed by professors Rakhimov SR, Akhmedov MA, Shamsiev AM.

In 1972, in connection with the opening of the Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute (SAMPI) in Tashkent, the Department of Pediatric Surgery of TashGosMI was divided into two departments. Under TashGosMI, the Department of Pediatric Surgery of the Medical Faculty was maintained, which until 1992 was headed by Professor A.E. Saidaliev, and from 1993 to 2003, - prof. Aliev M.M.

The main part of the department was entirely transferred to the newly established Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute (SAMPI), which was continued to be run by prof. Tagirov K.KH. until 1979. At the department there worked: Professor E.M.Khodiev, Associate Professor A.S. Sulaimanov, Sh.B. Turgunov, T.A. Ligay, assistants: I.I. Iskandzhaunov, G.K. Islambekov; S.R. Rasulev, RK Karimov, B.Tursunov, U.L. Khozhiberganov, M.M. Mirakhmedov, N.E. Ergashev, E.I. Ilyasov, R.A. Alimdzhanov, Zh.B.Beknazarov, N.U. Utegenov, M.M.Aliyev, TSAgzamkhodzhaev of them 6 had a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. The department was located on three clinical bases: 14 children's hospital - the main base for pediatric surgery (60 beds); 17 city hospital, where there was a course of traumatology with children's orthopedics (80 beds); city ​​oncologic dispensary where there was a course of children's oncology - 40 beds.

With the pedagogical and medical work, the staff of the department conducted a large research work on the problems of urolithiasis, osteomyelitis, echinococcal disease, foreign bodies of the gastrointestinal tract, appendicitis, intestinal invagination, esophagus burns, gastrointestinal malformations Pathology and surgical infection.

With the increase in the number of students coming from the republics of Central Asia in SAMPI, the department was divided into two: the Department of Pediatric Surgery No. 1 (1 Pediatric Faculty) and the Department of Pediatric Surgery No. 2 (2 Pediatric Faculty).

 "The course of Oncology "the Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute", the current Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute was established at the Department of "Pediatric Surgery" in 1972.

The first head was a PhD Oncology course Associate Professor Timothy A. Ligay (1924-1997), who led the course until 1996. In 1946 he graduated from the medical faculty of the Tashkent State Medical Institute. In 1952 he graduated from the residency of the "General Surgery". In 1996 he defended his thesis on the topic: "The boundary spread of skin cancer especially in Uzbekistan." The base rate was the Republican Center for Pediatric Oncology, stationed on the territory of Tashkent City Oncology Center. Mun Mikhail Afanasievich (1950-2008). In 1978 he graduated from the pediatric faculty of the Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute. In 1980-82gg passed residency on "Pediatric surgery".

In 1986 he passed primary specialization in pediatric oncology at the Cancer Research Center of the All-Union Academy of Medical Sciences and worked as an assistant of the course "Oncology". From 1996-1998 he. in charge of the course of oncology. From 1998-2008 biennium.

Oncology course was closed, and the teaching of the subject was referred to the oncology department of "Hospital pediatric surgery, urology and oncology" and Bulgakov as an assistant of the department of teaching the subject of oncology.Dec. 24, 2008 order of the rector of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute Professor AV Alimov open course "with the Children's Oncology Oncology" and appointed the head of the course Ph.D. Golib Abdullaevich Khakimov.